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EyeLash Extension AfterCare

Here is how to get the most out of your lashes!

  • DON'T get lashes wet for 12hr's - this includes sauna/steam room & sweating from excersise.

  • AVOID heat - eg: standing directly in front of oven when opening, lifting the lid on a steaming pot, hair straightener & dryer too close to face.

  • DON'T sleep with face squashed into pillow or bed.

  • AVOID touching, picking or rubbing your lashes.

  • DON'T use oils or oil based product's on your eye's & face.

  • Keep your lashes uniform by brushing gently with a clean spoolie (provided)

  • Proper hygiene is important! PLease keep lashes clean with regular washing - Extensions safe lash wash is available for purchase in salon or online.


*Due to the nature of this service, there are NO refund's. If an extensive amount of lashes have fallen within a 2 day period, please contact us WITHIN those 2 day's to fix lashes.

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