Face Mask Silicone Brush
  • Face Mask Silicone Brush


    Designed with a durable, easy to clean silicone head to evenly spread cream, gel or masks without wasting precious product.


    • Durable silicone spatula
    • Even face mask application
    • Makes mask application mess-free and easier than ever
    • Applies easily to your face without absorbing or carrying bacteria.


    Resistant to bacteria, silicones are easy to sterilize. They do not react with other materials and do not irritate the body. Silicone materials do not generate unwelcome byproducts or trigger allergic reactions.

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    Clean brush with soap and warm water before initial use. 

    Use brush to scoop and apply product onto face. Using short, gentle strokes to even out product, creating an even layer all over the face and neck & décolleté

    Wash thoroughly and dry after every use.