Knock-Out Shine Control Facial Moisturiser SPF 25 PA++ 50ml
  • Knock-Out Shine Control Facial Moisturiser SPF 25 PA++ 50ml


    Say goodbye to oily shine, uneven skin texture and acne break-outs with this non-greasy daily facial moisturiser. 

    Fresh, organic lemongrass, NZ manuka and tea tree promote clear, healthy skin while the broad spectrum, non-whitening sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage and pollution.


    • Daily facial moisturiser to combat oily skin and acne breakouts
    • Destroys bacteria that cause acne breakouts and pimples
    • Promotes clear, healthy skin with reduced pore appearance
    • Lightweight and non-greasy to wear with an all-day matte finish - perfect for teenagers and tropical climates
    • Powerful SPF 25 PA++ broad spectrum high protection sunscreen
    • Packed in a recyclable 50ml (1.69 fl oz) tube and box


    Recommended for: sensitive skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, combination skin, congested pores, teen skincare, warm climate skincare, summer skincare, tropical skincare


    As well as calming and healing breakouts, and providing an all-day matte finish to your skin, Knock-Out's built-in high protection sunscreen guarantees you a genuine and affordable anti-ageing solution to be used daily


    Active Naturals: organic calendula, hazelnut, NZ honeydew/manuka honey, rosemary, organic NZ tea tree, organic lemongrass, organic NZ manuka and vitamin E

    SKU: OKO050

    Apply to clean skin.  Massage product into face, neck and around the eye area with care.  Don't forget to apply to the back of the neck if you have short hair (to protect this area against UV radiation). 

    Allow a little time for the moisturiser to settle and for the inbuilt sunscreen barrier to take effect before you apply your makeup.

    If you have a little extra time and want to give your skin a nutrient boost, then you can also put on a a few drops of Solar Serum® with Lycocelle® before applying Knock-Out.

    Product Claims Explained
    Reduces blemishes

    • Lightweight, matte formulation controls and prevents breakouts
    • Hazelnut oil and organic calendula lightly moisturise the skin without making it oily
    • Honey and Vitamin E reduce inflammation and redness and promote healing
    • Organically NZ grown ingredients, tea tree and manuka, both have powerful antibacterial actions that helps reduce bacteria on the skin that leads to acne and breakouts
    • Organic lemongrass acts as a gentle astringent to reduce oil secretions and combat oily shine

    Promotes clear skin: Gentle hydration, powerful sun protection and organic essential oils maximise skin health, reduce oil production and clear up blemishes fast.

    For oily, sensitive skin: Organic calendula is deeply soothing, while the matte formulation provides hydration and sun protection without any oily, greasy feeling.